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Colombian Fest Chicago

Colombian Fest Chicago

Colombian Fest Chicago 2015



Direct from Colombia

Sonora Carruseles

With as many as sixteen albums to its credit over the course of nearly twenty years, Colombia's Sonora Carruseles has perfected a trademark sound that is cherished by salsa lovers all over the world. The 11-member Carruseles, founded by music director Mario “Pachanga”Rincon, pays a moving tribute to the spirit of old school hardcore salsa, presented in powerfully crisp fashion with the aid of the latest in sound technology, bringing classic 70s style salsa to new audiences around the world.

Anibal Velasquez Y Los Locos del Swing

A true innovator and legend of Colombian music, Anibal Velasquez was the first to introduce the accordion as a lead instrument while altering the tropical rhythms of the Caribbean and creating a new and lively style of guaracha unique to Colombia. Now 79 years old and after having recorded nearly 300 albums over the last 60+ years, Velazquez still plays all year long both in Colombia and internationally, especially at Carnaval time in Barranquilla, where he and his band have been known to play 15 shows in 6 days.

Duban Bayona Y Jimmy Zambrano

Separately, they are each Latin Grammy Award nominees for their work in previous groups. Now together, they represent a new generation of pop vallenato. Dubán Bayona was lead vocalist of Binomio de Oro and is now writing and performing songs with accordionist Jimmy Zambrano, formerly with Los Diablitos and Jorge Celedón. Their sound is fresh and youthfully romantic, already resulting in several hit singles from their debut album “Metete en el Viaje”.

Charles King

Champeta pioneer Charles King was a main creator of the musical genre that is wildly popular with the youth of Colombia. Champeta is a style of Afro-Colombian music which blends guitar and drum sounds with African rhythms. It boomed in Colombia’s Caribbean coast city of Cartagena during the 1980’s. King hails from the African side of Colombia and has recorded over 200 songs. King was greatly influenced by Africa’s musical tradition in his childhood. His music is a reflection of daily life in Colombia and his lyrics often mirror social problems.

Explosion Negra

Founded in 2001, Explosión Nega represents a new evolution in Colombian music. They come from the Pacific coast region of Choco, where a strong African heritage gives life to local rhythms like bunde, flageolet and currulao. Explosión Negra fuses this rich heritage with modern sounds like hip hop, dance hall, reggae, soca and electronics to achieve a contagious sound that has made its way onto dancefloors from Paris to Sydney to Los Angeles, attracting the attention of the Global Bass DJ movement.



Mala Fe

Javier Gutiérrez, better known as Mala Fe, was born in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. In love with music from a young age, Gutiérrez began his daily practice routine of congas and voice at the age of eight. He was a member of several merengue groups throughout the 1990s before going solo with the persona of ‘Mala Fe’ in 2000. His first big hit was “La Vaca”, and he’s remained on the tropical Latin charts ever since.

Pibo Márquez Salsa Caribbean All Stars

Caracas, Venezuela born percussionist Joel “Pibo” Márquez formed this Afro-Caribbean ensemble with Colombian pianist Samuel del Real. With musicians from Venezuela, Peru, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the U.S. and of course Colombia, the project is the essence of salsa dura with new arrangements of classic groups like the Fania All Stars and Grupo Niche. Márquez has recorded and performed with the top names in tropical music, including Frankie Vásquez, José Alberto “El Canario” Alfredo Rodriguez and Dimensión Latina.

DJ Geko Jones

Renowned by both DJ’s and college professors here and in Latin America, Geko Jones is a DJ / Producer pushing forward a well thought out Latin agenda in the world of global bass. His music and mixtapes span the tropical hemisphere, in which he collages together hours of globally sonic dance-floor theory and traces the roots of musical migrations between Africa and the Caribbean. Half Puerto Rican and half Colombian, Geko is a musical anthropologist of sorts, frequently traveling back to Colombia to find old artists and songs he then mixes with heavy, contagious beats.


Yamir's much-anticipated debut EP-- mixing reggaeton, hip hop, and latin pop to create a new sound for today's generation of "Spanglish" speakers.



Lucho Morales y Su Fiesta Vallenato

Vallenato, along with cumbia, is a popular folk music of Colombia. The lively, accordion-driven style primarily comes from Colombia's Caribbean region. Vallenato literally means "born in the valley" between the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Serranía de Perijá. Lucho Morales y su Fiesta Vallenato, now based in the U.S., have been one of the genre’s most popular performers for over 8 years and are dedicated to preserving and performing this vital folk music.

Carpacho Y Su Super Combo

The group started in 1986 in Chicago with the idea of integrating the band with musicians from various countries. The objective was to demonstrate the typical sound of music of each Latin American country (primarily salsa, merenque, cumbia and bolero) with musicians from the United States, Puerto Rico and Ecuador, all led by Roberto ‘Carpacho’ Marin from Medellin, Colombia. They have shared the stage with Grupo Niche, Joe Arroyo, La Sonora Tropical, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Oscar de Leon and many, many more. 

Ecos Del Pacifico

Formed in Chicago in 2006 by Julio Cesar Montaño Montenegro and steeped in the Afro-Colombian music and dance traditions of the Pacific coast of Colombia, Ecos del Pacifico features members of the Montaño Arboleda family and a diverse complement of Chicago musicians performing on traditional Afro-Colombian percussion, marimba, guitar, clarinet and bass. EPA focuses on the Pacific coast sounds of currulao, one of the most African influenced-styles in all of Colombia.

Diana Mosquera

Cuerdas Colombianas

Tierra Colombiana Folkloric Dance Company

El Costeño Enmascarado

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